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"Seamus, as his name is, climbed up there all by himself, enjoyed his ride, and whether you're in the back of a pickup truck or in the rooftop carrier, it was a good ride!" - Willard Mitt Romney, satisfied customer and our chief safety inspector and spokesmodel

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Completely Airtight Kennels, the only safe* and legal** way to put your pet on the roof of your car!

Welcome to Airtight Kennels Dot Com!  We are the premier one stop for all your air-tight kenneling needs.   Remember, it is unsafe, unethical, cruel, dangerous, illegal and insane to tie your dog to the roof of a moving vehicle, unless you are a proud owner of the high tech, Romney approved Completely Airtight Kennel!  To prevent the inevitable suffocation that would surely result from a normal kennel being made airtight, we install our patented co2 to Oxygen perpetual motion recirculation technology in each CAK unit we sell, making it entirely safe*, as our many satisfied customer will attest to the right of where you are looking now.

A researcher observing a specimen through the ...CAK technician installs Fecal Flushing Wash ports 
Our products are the only safe* way to put your dog on the roof!  Never, ever put an animal on the roof of your car, or for that matter in any airtight container either, unless it is a certified, Romney Approved Completely Airtight Kennel.  

Premium models of Completely Airtight Kennel now feature high tech Fecal Flushing Wash Ports for 12 hour long road trips.

Romney Signs a newly inspected CAK2000, our family sized RV unit at the Comletely Airtight Kennels factory and polygamous compound in the Cayman IslandsRomney Signs New Family Sized CAK2000 RV Unit at the Completely Airtight Kennels factory in the Cayman Islands (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)Accept no imitations, each genuine Completely Airtight Kennel is personally inspected and hand signed by our chief safety inspector, Willard Mitt Romney, at our CAK factory in the scenic and temperate Cayman Islands.

*Not intended to be a factual statement, may not be safe.... ok, it's not safe... but it's Romney inspected, and Romney approved!
**May not be legal in some states, or any state... ok, fine, it's not legal anywhere, but it's Romney approved and endorsed!
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